Towne Square Animal Hospital offers boarding.  Many pets suffer from diabetes, are recovering from surgery, or may be in heat  and need a place to stay that offers more advanced care.  Audubon Animal Hospital fulfills this need by boarding in the same location staffed by veterinarians, so that specific medical needs may be met.

We offer blankets free of charge for boarding pets. Although personal items are welcome, Audubon Animal Hospital is not responsible for lost or destroyed items. We will accept (2) toys and (1) small/medium article of bedding per pet. Items must be able to fit into our washing machine.  Invariably pets will drool, chew up or soil these items.  Instead of placing the toys in a garbage bag for several days until you return, we chose to wash them for you!


Audubon Animal Hospital offers full service grooming.  Please remember, communication is key! No one wants a bad haircut, not for themselves or their pets. If you have any questions, concerns or special request please take the time to talk face to face with one of our grooming professionals. If you cannot stay, please leave a phone number, we want to talk with you!  Providing pictures is always very helpful. Grooming professionals often use technical terms to describe different cuts.  If you have any questions about something your groomer has said, please stop us and we will gladly explain all the ins and outs. Although a bad haircut will grow out, why get one in the first place! Your complete satisfaction is our goal. If for any reason you are not satisfied let us know immediately (before leaving).  If possible we will fix what we can on the spot!

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